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How to create a website

How to create a website

You come at a right place here you know about how to create a website step by step. So let get started

Step no.1

Get your domain name and web hosting.

So question number one what is domain let me explain domain name is your website address for example is a domain name and it also know as web address

So think of the internet as a waste map full of roads and turns and you want to find a particular place you need an address right. It similar to website think of your website as your house in order to anyone finds way to your house even you. You needs an address this address is your domain name and every website domain name contain an IP address and it is similar a sting of random number for example 22.331.441. So when you purchase a domain name it’s almost like saving your home address as home in your computer and it’s give a simple name to that IP address that anyone can type in and get to your website. It may be let said you can remember that rather than 22.331.441

How it’s works

Let say you type whenever you hit enter your computer send  a request to bunch of servers that makes up DNS and its stands for domain name system this DNS points you to correct IP address and points your computer at the right direction all with in less than a millisecond

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